Me gusta bicorna is the name for the cafe of Bicorna.

There is where you can taste our coffees, snacks and amazing cocktails.

With 11 years experience,our private catering takes place also here, where all kinds of receptions/weddings /anniversaries are being made.

Me gusta bicorna perfectly good organizes all the stressing details of your marriadge.

From the wedding reception (music/food/decoration - you can have a glance down left to this page to our photo gallery), your Bridal Pamper (the exact care you need for the very last day as a single.You and your friends relax and enjoy our special treatments for the most significant day in your life)till,the bachelor party and all the wedding photos / video.

The only thing you have to do is enjoy and have fun !

In Plaka,every late July, there is a two days' feast with traditional songs and dances, organized to honor the memory of a great lyre player, Mihalis Papadakis or else Plakianos.

On June 20th, we celebrate "Klidonas" which is an old custom, including satyric Cretan love distichs, dances and songs.

A series of cultural events is organized every year in Almyrida: Theatre performances, Greek and international music beach parties and Greek popular music concerts.

Moreover, all near villages organize their own feasts and as a result, many traditional feasts take place in Apokoronas throughout the year. For instance, during the grape gathering, a whole ritual is performed to produce wine and tsikoudia. People also use to stay up, enjoying themselves all night when the Saint of each place is celebrating or when the cultural associations organize special entertaining evenings for their friends.