All Bicorna rooms have been constructed with a view of providing a pleasant stay, functionality and comfort.

The colors play a key role and therefore it is very carefully selected. Such as is known to affect mood, shape the quality of our lives, fill us with energy and creativity and help us to gain balance and tranquility. Great importance is the location in which it is built.

Our rooms are equipped with AC and also centrally heated so that we can guarantee a pleasant and comfortable stay with us both in the summer and during colder periods. In the autumn you can see the local farmers collect the grapes for wine production, see the wine production (with testing!), see the production of the local product raki, enjoy newly picked roasted chestnuts, the picking of olives and production of the world’s best olive oil. The Cretans are well known to make a festival for all their products and getting together to test the products is an important part of their lives. The Cretan hospitality is well known so you will likely soon find yourself at their table!

Room One - Yellow

The Yellow Room, has West orientation and oversees the blue waters of Souda Bay and the beautiful sunset. Yellow gives the guests, vitality and energy. The color is ideal for communication and happy people that like to have fun.


Room Two - Green

The green room, twin of yellow, shares the beauty that gives a colorful sunset as the sun dives into the sea of Souda bay. Green is the color of a peaceful character, who loves the comfort, the warmth and the family life.


Room Three - Silver

Room three is being dominated by silver color with a touch of black and it makes one to be more daring. Also shares the sea view and the picturesque garden in front of the building of Bicorna as well. Anyone who would experience this beauty once, would definitely come back to this positive aura and warm atmosphere.


Room Four - Pink

Room four enjoys the coolness of the North wind and the serenity of the blue pool that lies just below it. From balcony one can enjoy the sea view and the garden of Bicorna as well. The color of something in between pink and fuchsia gives an erotic mood, positive emotions and optimism.


Room Five - Red Black

Room five is decorated with black and red color tones, bathed in the light of sunrise. It has the best view at the back garden, where the barbeque, tables and chairs for guests, a traditional wine press and a traditional cauldron for raki are placed. The reddish color of Room brings passion, energy and enthusiasm to people living in it.