Ancient Aptera, characterised as the modt powerfull and trading town of the whole Crete in old times, cause of its position in between of two harbours that the trade transport could be easily controlled. in nowadays its daily opened in visiting from 11:00 to 15:00 o'clock apart from Mondays.

Kournas lake, is the one and only natural freshwater lake in the whole island of Crete. it's worth a visit for its breathtaking scenery,and the unique calmness it offers, and you can always combine your excursion with water cycling to explore the lakes water, or eat at the traditional taverns, where you can find good local food.

Kournas Lakeur

Argiroupolis, the area is famous for the SOURSES OF THE HOLY POWER, a place full of green nature with small waterfalls everywhere around. Here the guest can rest in any of the traditional taverns that serve hundreds of tourists daily. This area has been awarded on 2008, as the clearest organised traditional village.

Samaria gorge has 16 km length, and its the second bigger gorge in Europe after the one in France. it is a National forest since 1962,is home to many endemic bird species and animals, the most famous animal is the Cretan goat well known as kri-kri.

Samaria Gorge

Venizelos graves, a few kilometers east from the town of Chania to the way of Akrotiri and the Airport, you can find the monuments of the well known Greek politician Eleftherios Venizelos and his son Sofoklis Venizelos as well as the little church of Profitis Elias. Round the graves there is a beautiful park made, with panoramic views of Chania. Eleftherios Venizelos one of the most important figures in the Greek history,was born under the yoke of Turks in 1864 and he died self-exiled in Paris in 1936. The location of his burial had been chosen by himself a few km east away his house that were in Chalepa. Sofoklis(Eleftherios son) has been the Prime Minister of Greece from 1943 till 1952 and his grave, was built in 1965.

Chania town during the Venetian and Ottoman domination had developed the trade and shipping. Not only the import but the export of various products too was remarkable. In nowadays, the Venetian port of Chania attracts many visitors during the whole year. Lots of restaurants, taverns, cafe bars, along the coast are offered for visitor's relaxation and fun.

At the historical part of the museum,weapons from the long long fights of the Cretan people who faught for their freedom are exposed,fraction of paintings and historical lithographs, which are graphic representations of the major events of Greek and Cretan history.

Venizelos graves
Old Harbour of Chania
Gavalochori Museum